Fellow Activist,

It is vital to understand the season of our activism.  Climate change related treaties  scheduled to be enacted this December will most likely include the global legalization of geoengineering programs. Why is this vital to stopping geoengineering? See below.

As many are aware, geoengineeing is the deliberate large-scale modification of the Earth’s climate. It changes climate and our planet’s weather. Because geoengineering changes our climate’s temperature, disrupts our natural weather events and causes a series of other events that mimic the consequences of climate change, we feel strongly that geoengineering must be stopped in order to proceed with any climate talks, treaties and climate change legislation and mandates.

Because geoengineering has, to date, not been included in climate models and therefore makes it impossible to determine whether the planet is warming or cooling, we therefore demand that the ongoing global geoengineering programs be stopped before any more climate change talks, legislation and mandates are enacted.


Streamed live on May 27, 2015

Last week we featured author Don Brown and his new investigative expose’ on the shoot down of (call sign) Extortion 17, a Chinook helicopter carrying members of the elite SEAL TEAM SIX into battle in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. Also on that aircraft was Patrick Hamburger, Army National Guard crew chief and an unidentified group of seven Afghan soldiers. Who is Patrick Hamburger and why were these Afghan soldiers on this helicopter full of top-tier special operators? Tune in as we feature two special guests, Doug Hamburger, father of Patrick and Billy Vaughn, father of SEAL Aaron Vaughn. Together we dig deeply into this USG cover-up to find out what really happened on August 6, 2011.